Pharma & Healthcare

With more than 100 medical programmes a year, Quadia Online Video is the market leader in publishing online videos in the Netherlands


Accredited medical training programmes

The medical sector also makes intensive use of the Quadia Online Video Platform (OVP) for training programmes. Through (accredited) e-learning, doctors, specialists and nursing staff are trained live and on demand and their knowledge is tested. In many cases, Quadia manages the development and accreditation of the course material.

Expand your marketing impact

Quadia supports the pharmaceutical sector in marketing. For example by giving information about treatment methods. Medics and opinion leaders inform doctors in an authentic and accessible way. You thus expand the impact of your marketing activities while the sales department can focus even more on your customers.


Virtualization of medical meetings: Global goes local!

Oncology TV (a Quadia Brand) offers a wide range of live and on-demand news programs of major international medical conferences such as ASCO, ECCO-ESMO, SABCS, WCLC and ASH. These programs are sponsored by unrestricted educational grants to encourage knowledge transfer. The unique position of Quadia and Oncology TV offer medical oncologists the opportunity to attend medical conferences and communicate with colleagues without traveling to the conferences.

The latest information for patients

Patients are generally very involved in their treatment and illness. They and the people closest to them, are therefore always looking for the latest information about treatment methods and research results. With online video, you can inform this special target group in a low threshold and cross-medial way. These might include medical instructions and information programmes which Quadia also produces.

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